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Garrett Crosby is an award-winning American film composer, orchestrator, conductor and producer residing in Los Angeles, California. His unique ability to create memorable music across a variety of genres, along with his reputation for being remarkably collaborative, have made him the first choice among many producers and directors. Celebrated for his work in the international mainstream, Garrett's recent score with Chris Wong for Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass was recently chosen as Vietnam's official submission for the 2017 Academy Awards. Besides writing music, Garrett has also been a featured guest speaker on film scoring at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles and has lectured for several college classes and seminars on the art of film scoring and technology. 


As a multi-instrumentalist of over twenty five instruments, Garrett's love and passion for music began early in his childhood. At four years old, Garrett began playing the piano and quickly began learning music theory. Nephew of the great Bing Crosby, music was always the centerpiece of Garrett's life. It wasn't long until he fell in love with the symphony orchestra. At fourteen years old, Garrett wrote his first orchestral suite that premiered in Los Angeles during the spring of 2003 and went on to commission several pieces of music for local high school orchestras, solo artists, and jazz bands. In his 11th grade year of high school, Garrett had the opportunity to score a student film and discovered his passion. In his college years, he began working with other composers while consistently writing music for student films and several Vietnamese movies. In his senior year, Garrett was selected by the board of directors to write a celebratory piece of music for the college orchestra to perform on their 50th anniversary. He graduated California State University Northridge with a degree in composition with honors in 2011. 


Currently, Garrett composes music for several mainstreams of media including film, video games, and classical artists. Nominated for several "Best Original Score" awards, Garrett continues to write memorable soundtracks that blend music and picture into a one of a kind visual and sonic experience. 

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