Original Score

There's no doubt that music plays a vital role in conveying a powerful story. Let Garrett's team handle all the details to deliver you a professional score that perfectly fits your project. Whether your project's budget calls for a 120 piece orchestra recording in LA's finest recording studios or you need a synthetic score utilizing the most state of the art music sample libraries, Garrett's team is capable of delivering you the highest quality music while doing all the legwork necessary to save you time and money. 

Jingles, Sign-Off's & Bumpers

Looking for a piece of music that connects your listener to your brand? A specific sign-off for your youtube channel or podcast? Are you looking for a professional-quality bumper tailored for a message series at church? Garrett's team can create you professional, memorable tracks that fit your business' needs. Clients include Vinasoy Corp , Disney, Nestle, DJI , & more.

Mock-Up Services

This service offers artists and composers the chance to have their piece professionally orchestrated with the highest quality computer samples in the market to get the closest approximation of a real orchestra recording. Garrett's team is happy to help you create the sound you are looking for. Whether you have a fully written score or a simple melody you want us to expand on, our team can help you bring it to life. 

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